Monday, 30 December 2013

All was not lost....

A few weeks after we moved, the most devastating thing happened, in the chaos to compact spare rooms full with boxes of all our kitchen contents and that of many other rooms, which we were not going to need for some time, I lost some vital boxes of studio equipment. As we were packing things safely out of the way as we embarked on some fairly major renovation. I lost track of my water colour brushes, just as we were clearing lots of things away to the refuse tip. A life time collection of brushes, some of which I'd had for over 30 years, also my Art-Kure water colour sketch system brushes and paints, and my ZIG calligraphy pens and artists sketch pens. We were convinced the small boxes they were in had been mixed up with card board and boxes for the tip. I was devastated, many of my brushes were very expensive, life long friends, lots were hand made, but all were precious. How or where to start again was daunting, I was so upset and literally felt my creativity had been thrown on the tip, being very down hearted and glum about the whole thing

That was nearly six months ago, I had a serious amount of work ahead to take my mind off it and got on with the renovation. At one point we had, no bathroom, no kitchen and no staircase!!!

Gradually we have seen the house take shape and achieved a fitted kitchen and bathroom in time for Christmas. Some rooms being slowly unpacked and amid the search for boxes relevant to 'living room' over Christmas, to try and add a homely feel to the place over the holidays I found them!!!

Today was the best day ever, I opened a box and they were there! I swear they weren't  when I was looking 6 months ago, but there they were. I could have cried, the relief ! To anyone not an artist I can only try and explain how that felt. Think of something you have owned, collected, expanded and invested a lot of money in for over 30 years. Which you have used so regular and 'broken in' to be an extension of your own hands. so hand picked, loved and shaped, it would take another 30 years to replace.

Finally, I can start to think of putting my studio together again and organising my arty world. Which without the tools of my trade would have felt pointless and painful, as I moved to this place for the peace and quiet, the views and the garden to paint!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Apologies things are so quiet, studio is still packed and we are still in full on renovating old property mode, plastering, knocking down walls and putting in windows. Watch the space I will be back.......

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Plans for the next few weeks....

In a couple of weeks my studio will have to complete packing up for the move and I will be out of Arty action for a little while. But all will return with new vigor, as my new space will be better. Hubby will have his own studio too. In the mean time we have to start work on the coming exhibition work as soon as we unpack, some of which I will use for photography to complete my new exciting web site being built.
Lots and lots going on, some where in between time to breath and take a holiday too!

Friday, 7 June 2013

At last....

It's all happening at once. Finally a buyer so we are on the move, there will be lots to do, which I will share on my blog. I'll show the journey to a better space, and how we develop two new art studios in the new house, one for me and one for Hubby! Very excited can't wait to get to grips with the new place. =)

Wednesday, 29 May 2013


All firmed up,exhibition dates booked, Friday 11th, Sat 12th and Sunday 13th .
At Florence Arts Centre, Florence mine. Going to be great, got some wonderful Cumbrian talent together!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Web site on the way.

Met with Web designers, it all sounds very positive and what they can provide looks fab.
It's official, Domains, and are now mine! WOOP WOOP!
First pass at design is also looking good too. Can't wait it's all very exciting!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Exciting times....

Planning an Art Exhibition at the end of the year with my Hubby, all very exciting. A lot of work to do though and pieces to get ready, busy , busy,....

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Personal cards

Been busy with some personal cards this week, but also managed to slip in a short break for our Wedding Anniversary, stayed at  Storrs Hall, Windermere. Highly recommend it, fabulous food and gorgeous rooms and lovely staff, perfect!

This christening card was created with hand drawn illustration, the font is 3D formed paper, cut out and shaped after illustration was drawn and coloured using Copic Markers, the embellishments included ribbon and a tiny foot stem button with seed beads of various colours and stickles to create the bubbles.
Thanks for viewing.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Display of Samples

What a gorgeous Bank Holiday it's been, out and about in the sun today.
Had the pleasure of setting up a display of my Wedding stationary in The Muffin Top Boutique Bakery in Whitehaven today. As a guest display in this lovely bakery of seriously scrumptious special occasion cakes, Handy for any Brides popping in to discuss cakes for the big day, my samples are there to browse and give inspiration and a taste of what's on offer from Lakeland Calligraphy.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Improvements to my studio.

I am running out of space and still desperate to sell up and move to property with more studio space for both me and Hubby, we recently changed estate agents, fingers crossed for luck soon. I enlisted the help of a local joiner and cabinet maker to help, asking him to create a storage hutch to go on top of my plan chest, it had to be oak veneer to match, as my plan chest is a beautiful piece of furniture hand made in oak and Brazilian rose wood. I measured all the items I needed to store, like my electronic die cutter and my manual die cutter/embosser, the case with my air brush kit, along with all the other stuff I need regularly to hand and I planned the shelves.

It arrived! I'm chuffed to bit's, I waxed and finished it myself to match the plan chest, we popped it in to place and I loaded it up with all my goodies, it works perfect!

Everything has a home, perfect fit for all my cutting machines etc.

And my Copic markers..... sorted! All to hand. I had a great idea for storage to sort the colours, I bought some dishwasher cutlery baskets on line (replacement spares) and sat them on their sides, perfect compartments to sort my colour groups, no ratching around anymore just to find the right one.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Venue Drawings

A drawing of yourWedding Venue can be added to your table plan or Stationary if required. 
I am a skilled illustrator and artist, this could be done for you as a sketch or as a pen and ink style water colour. Alternatively a drawing of the venue can be framed as a Wedding Anniversary gift to your partner. Below is an example of a Venue local to me, The Armathwaite Hall hotel at Bassenthwaite. This example actually shows a hand made greeting card which I supply for their everyday use, depicting a sketch of the Hotel.

Signature Frames

I can frame your table plan, or alternatively hire a frame to you for the day to save cost. I can also create 'Signature frames' for you instead of a guest book. I have written a poem to place within the frame, provided on the day unglazed. You then return this to me along with a standard A4 size Wedding photo which I will swap for the poem and then glaze the finished article for protection. A lovely keepsake of the day.

Guest books, Quill pens and vintage pen stands.

The guest books can be decorated to match your stationary, and the quill pens are available in Turkey Quills, colours or White, and beautiful fluffy Ostrich in white. I have a lovely collection of vintage inkwells for hire too, there's bound to be one to suit your scheme, these are to hold quill pens by your guest book.

And of course not forgetting the second lady of the day, thank you cards for the Mother of the Bride, 
I can even create her on the front in the outfit she will wear on the day, how personal is that!!!?

The Wedding Stationary range

My WEDDING STATIONARY RANGE, find greater detail inc prices etc. on Lakeland Calligraphy Face Book pages, the range is is available as pictured or for inspiration to help me create a bespoke set of stationary for you!

As well as the stationary, to complete the full picture, thank you cards, keep sake boxes, and of course guest books decorated to match your stationary with beautiful Quill pens. 
I also hire easel stands for your place setting table plans, picture frames for your table plan so you don't have the full expense of framing just for one day, and vintage ink wells as pen stands for your quill pen to add the finishing touch.

Beautiful book marks

Beautiful book marks, available personalised to suit what name you need, the jewellery charm can also be designed for your needs.

I enjoy making these book marks, they are very robust, practical as well as pretty.
Totally bespoke and made to order with the metallic embossed detail and charm tassel all made to suit your needs. Ideal gifts personalised with names for Birthdays, Christmas, Mothers Day and Fathers Day, retirement pressies etc. Just email me or message me on Lakeland Calligraphy face book pages.

Continuing to add photos....

These are all shots from a beautiful vintage wedding at Armathwaite Hall, Bassenthwaite, 2012. The place tags were lovely luggage labels, tied to candles in vintage china cups!