Saturday, 4 May 2013

Improvements to my studio.

I am running out of space and still desperate to sell up and move to property with more studio space for both me and Hubby, we recently changed estate agents, fingers crossed for luck soon. I enlisted the help of a local joiner and cabinet maker to help, asking him to create a storage hutch to go on top of my plan chest, it had to be oak veneer to match, as my plan chest is a beautiful piece of furniture hand made in oak and Brazilian rose wood. I measured all the items I needed to store, like my electronic die cutter and my manual die cutter/embosser, the case with my air brush kit, along with all the other stuff I need regularly to hand and I planned the shelves.

It arrived! I'm chuffed to bit's, I waxed and finished it myself to match the plan chest, we popped it in to place and I loaded it up with all my goodies, it works perfect!

Everything has a home, perfect fit for all my cutting machines etc.

And my Copic markers..... sorted! All to hand. I had a great idea for storage to sort the colours, I bought some dishwasher cutlery baskets on line (replacement spares) and sat them on their sides, perfect compartments to sort my colour groups, no ratching around anymore just to find the right one.

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