Saturday, 14 March 2015

Wedding Venue research for future colaboration

Finally finished the house renovation, studio sorted and getting back into the world of art, craft and calligraphy. Very busy on my own Daughters wedding for 1st August this year, obviously it's a big secret for all the goodies associated with that, but I will enjoy sharing soon as I can.

My 'Underconstruction' page for the forth coming web site should pop up soon, planning on attending a few Wedding Fayre's through the region this coming year to get out and meet some brides. It's a few years since I did the Wedding Fayre's, but I think as I have been off the scene whilst in house move and renovation mode, it will be good to get out there again.

Planning on linking up with a few more lakes hotels this year too, watch out for venue sketches of some of the best lakes Wedding venues. I have been having a tour of a few lately, enjoying being in 'secret shopper' mode, whilst enjoyng the hospitality and discovering those I would like to work with and those I will not!!! Always a few surprises in there when they don't know they are being assessed. Most of all was probably The Samling, sorry folks not impressed. Leading star by far The Gilpin Lodge Hotel, just wonderful, as ever!

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