Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Stationery show 2015

Exciting times, enjoyed a trip to London for the Stationary show 2015, great venue in the British Design Center, Islington. Been there many time to various events. The show was great, enjoyed viewing many new product launches. Great to meet the lovely people from Manuscript Pen co. the ultimate Calligraphy company people! Also enjoyed a chat with the William Mitchell nib manufacturers.

So chuffed to see the expanded selection from Manuscript and from their new catalogue just how much is now available in Left Oblique!! Even fibre tip Very encouraging!

Wonderful visit to Kew Gardens while down there, this has given me lots of inspiration for some new ideas, variation on a theme to do a whole set Botanical illustrated , Calligraphy Quotes. Will definitely be working with the National Handwriting Association too, lets see if we can make a difference to the level of writing skills given to youngsters these days. At the moment it's shocking how bad it is!

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