Friday, 5 June 2015

Yesterday was a beautiful day, one of the first that would encourage you to venture outside. We are all desperately waiting for our summer to kick in and temperatures to lift. I took advantage and sat in the garden to do a little practice.
I used the chance to have a play with some new pens, looking at some portable options for Calligraphy, when dragging bags of equipment, bottles of ink, dip pens etc might be inconvenient. I had a few nib sizes of the Pilot Parallel pens and a Manuscript cartridge pen set.

I have to say all lovely, but (there's always a but, isn't there!) The pilot pens are good, I tested 4 of the nib sizes and I would say I think more suitable for bolder large scale work. I personally feel the ink flows too fast, in fact floods on the smaller nib size.  The manuscript Pen set came with three nib sizes and I did enjoy a more traditional nib, it gave far greater control of the ink flow and there for more accurate for smaller script sizes and a comfortable balanced pen for prolonged use. Both of course equally portable being cartridge ink.

A simple board tilted from the garden table was just perfect to sit and scribble in the sun.

Had a play the new pens in between cool drinks a relax under my hat, I'm not someone in search of a tan!

Easy to get distracted by the number of feathered visitors I get, some quite tame now as they are used to me and come over to feed very close.

I made a note of the pen type and nib sizes to the left here, all worth a try, but my preference was definitely the manuscript cartridge pen for smaller script size. for manuscript pens.

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